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Buy and Sell Forklifts in San Jose, CA

Call Norcal Forklifts if you have any questions regarding forklift maintenance and service. We handle all forklift repair jobs, including hydraulics, and we buy and sell forklifts in San Jose, CA.

Our experienced forklift repair specialists will ensure your forklift performs optimally. We also offer inspection services to check the hydraulics and mechanical components of your equipment. This will ensure your forklifts are safe for use in your daily operations. We also offer forklift parts and refurbishing to replace any damaged or broken components on your lift equipment. So, when you need repairs or maintenance on your companies’ forklifts, trust us to handle the job.

New and Used Forklifts for Sale

When you’re looking to purchase forklifts for your industrial operations, we have you covered. We offer complete forklift sales and service to provide you with the exact equipment you need for your company. Whether you’re loading trucks with freight or moving goods around a warehouse, our forklifts are the perfect solution.

Additionally, we’ll also buy your old forklifts and other fleet vehicles at a competitive price, so you can remove old equipment from your facilities while also getting a return on the initial purchase price. When you’re looking for a company that buys and sells forklifts, we are the company to call.

Buy And Sell Forklifts in San Jose, CA


Forklift Parts And Refurbishing in San Jose, CA


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Forklift Sales And Service in San Jose, CA

About Us

Norcal Forklifts is the forklift industry expert. We sell forklifts, trade and purchase them, and carry out all types of repairs. We also offer hydraulic cylinder and hose repairs and all types of hydraulic maintenance and repairs. These services can be performed in our fully equipped facility or at your site for your convenience. We also carry many forklift parts, and we offer refurbished forklifts for sale.

We’re a family-owned company with our founding father and son in a partnership for more than 20 years. Our customer base is growing as more people learn about us and what we do. We’re also an on-site team, and that’s important. Our crew is fast, friendly, and highly skilled. As a customer, you’re very important to us and are our top priority.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We serve San Jose, the Santa Clara Valley, and all surrounding areas.

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